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About Tropical Foliage

Tropical Foliage Ltd, was incorporated in the year 1980, to produce of young foliage plants, it is a subsidiary of Ceylinco Finance PLC, with an authorized share capital of US$ 30 million.

The company has an annual turn over of US$ 1.2 million and employed over 200 persons including number of Agriculture graduates at its 2 nurseries in Sri Lanka. The nurseries cover an extent of 141,000 square meters under shade and 60,000 square meters of outside open cultivation to accommodate for both live young foliage plants and grown large plants. In addition the above an extent of 20,000 square meters modern plant propagation houses and three insect and rain proof poly tunnels are established in the main nursery at Badalgama,12 km from Colombo airport in Sri Lanka. Modern packing houses and large cool room that support to the nursery quality control process ensuring the highest plant quality of Tropical Foliage Ltd. Our company specialized in producing and export of fine cut foliage, indoor live pot plants and geared in exporting large plants for outdoor landscaping.

Tropical Foliage, is proud of its well trained and experienced technical personnel who works with love and dedication to raise plants of uniform standard and regularized quality to satisfy the year round exact requirements of buyers throughout the Middle East, Japan, Korea and European countries.                                                                                                                                  
Tropical Foliage means quality in ornamental and foliage plants. The growers around the globe who look for new varieties, quality and timely delivery trust the name Tropical Foliage, already reputed in the horticulture field over 28 years.

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