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Tropical Foliage Ltd, ventured into the production of young foliage plants in 1980, Due to its steady development it is today a subsidiary company of Nations Lanka Group, Tropical Foliage was incorporated with an authorized share capital of US$ 30 million.

The business entity in today’s context came into being after the Nations Lanka Group took over the operations along with its assets and client base of Tropical Foliage & Flowers Ltd, Tropical Foliage is located at Badalgama,12 km from the Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka.  Prior to our acquirement, Tropical Foliage had been dynamically involved in the foliage nursery, spanning over 28 years. As part of our company’s strategies of business development and to streamline the operations along with the objective of improving overall business efficiency, Nations Lanka Group continues to make substantial business investments.

Tropical Foliage has an annual turnover of US$ 1.2 million and employs over 200 persons including a number of Agriculture graduates at its 2 state of the art nurseries in Sri Lanka. The nurseries cover an extent of 141,000 square meters under shade and 60,000 square meters of open cultivation to accommodate both live young foliage plants and grown large plants. It also includes a modern plant propagation houses and three insect and rain proof poly tunnels with an extent of 20,000 square meters. This is located at the main nursery at Badalgama. Tropical Foliage Ltd has modern packing houses and a large cool room that support the nursery quality control processes ensuring the highest plant quality.

Our company specialized in producing and exporting of fine cut foliage, indoor live pot plants and geared to export large plants for outdoor landscaping. The company is able to produce large specimen orders, aimed at nurserymen, architects, landscape specialists, and both public and private green spaces. It also produces plant specimens for large containers that can be transported directly to the open ground where larger plants need to be planted. This process really required for perpetual aesthetics.

Production sites have been developed with modern logistics specifically to respond to the needs of individual plant types, thus enabling a more complete range of products

Tropical Foliage, is proud of its well trained and experienced technical personnel who works with passion and dedication to raise plants of an uniform standard and regularized quality to satisfy year round exact requirements of buyers throughout the Middle East, Japan, Korea and European countries.

Thus our long years of production, research and development have assisted us to introduce novelties to the world market.

Tropical Foliage Board of Directors consist of 4 well known professionals in the business cercal in Sri Lanja.- Namely :  Mr Nalin Jayetileke, Mr Gihan Zoyza, Mr Anura Chandrasiri and Mr Ajitha Pasqual whose  profiles listed below.

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Board of Directors


Mr. NalinJayetileke is a retired Wing Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force. After a lustrous carrier of 22 years of service to the nation working as a Logistics Officer in the Air Force, Nalin retired and joined the private sector in the year 2007. In Sri Lanka Air Force, Wing Commander  Jayetileke pioneered the Air Craft spares locating and inventory control system called the “ Chapter system “. 

On entering the private sector, he took over duties as the General Manager of Empire Teas (Pvt) Ltd, the 5th largest tea exporter in Sri Lanka. In 2008, Mr. Nalin was offered employment by one of the top construction companies overseas (Northern Projects Australia) as their head of Logistics, which he took over in 2008 and worked in Australia. Being at Northern Projects Australia, he was appointed as GM for the Company’s operations in the Fiji Islands, where he was involved in streamlining the total supply chain management for the biggest, award winning, exotic 5 Star hotel project in Fiji, the Natadola Intercontinental golf resort and Spa. 

Mr. Jayatileka is a graduate of the Army Command and staff Collage and was afforded with a “PSC” in 2003. He has a post Graduate in Management and Strategic Studies from the Defense University of Sri Lanka. He is a Professional in Logistics and is a Chartered member of Institute of Transport & Logistics in Australia and a Cooperate member of the institute of Materials Management in Sri Lanka. Other than his logistics exposure, he also has a Diploma in Quality Management offered by the Sri Lanka Standards Institute, a Diploma in Human Resources from the Indian Institute of Management, a Diploma in Defense Resources Management from the Monterey University of California in USA and a Diploma in Human Rights from the Institute of Human Rights. He is IATA qualified in Air Craft Load distribution and obtained Air Load Master Qualification from the Keiv Aviation plant in Ukraine.

Nalin is also a corporate trainer/ motivator and have conducted many training sessions for top  Management and staff and executives  in Sri Lanka and Overseas on Personnel development and motivation. Etiquette, ethics and Ethos.  He also is one of the 7 speakers from the world, invited to speak at the world Military sports council symposium held in Washington DC USA in 2006. At present Nalin is reading for a Phd in Logistics Management from the Dalian Maritime University of China.       

  • He has been an all-round sports man and has held the following key appointments in the field of sports in Sri Lanka.
  • Director/ secretary technical committee- 10th south Asian games
  • Vice President Sri Lanka Cycling federation
  • Chairman Sri Lanka cycling development committee
  • Executive committee member Sri Lanka Squash federation
  • Captain of Sri Lanka Air Force Cricket 1998-1999
  • Captain Sri Lanka Air Force Badminton 1988-1998- Sri Lanka badminton pool 1988
  • Captain Sri Lanka Air Force Squash – Sri Lanka Pool 1995
  • Manager Defense services cycling tour – Poland and Thailand

On his return to the country in Jan 2010, Mr. Jayetileke joined Anilana Hotels & Properties Limited. Mr. NalinJayetileke is a product of St. Thomas’ Collage Mt Lavinia.


Gihan de Zoysa was an Associate Director/Security Consultant for Taru Villas (Private) Limited / Anilana Resorts (Pvt) Limited from May 2007- July 2010.

This pioneering Company was the first Sri Lankan owned and managed chain of five exquisite boutique hotels in Colombo, Hill country and the South Coast. He was responsible and involved in constructing/renovating the latter two boutique hotels of the chain in Colombo and Galle to an award winning high standard, after which he was part of a team that was responsible to ensure the smooth operation of the hotels, the maintenance of it to a very high standard and management of staff and employees. Mr. Gihan was solely in charge of security of the entire organization and the procurement of well-located exotic properties for future projects.

Prior to this Mr. De Zoysa was employed by SOS Kinderdorf, an International non-governmental organization (INGO) during the period of February 2005 – March 2007, after the unfortunate December 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka. During this period he was the only INGO to successfully complete building/re-building 750 homes, a medical centre/hospital and 3 social centers/kindergartens in Kayankerni, Komari,   Arugambay and Panama all situated in the Eastern coastline of Sri Lanka. He was solely responsible for rebuilding the lives and homes of over 9000 Tsunami effected people.

Mr. Gihan got his International exposure when he lived and worked in the Seychelles from January 1996-1998 as Security Consultant/Director Operations for Seychelles Marketing board a parastatle Company where the President of Seychelles Republic was also the Chairman of the Company.

On completion of his contract he moved to London, UK for the next seven years where he worked for Showsec International – London, UK and Telecom plus PLC as Security Consultant and Manager Operations.

  • Gihan de Zoysa is a dual citizen of UK and Sri Lanka
  • Trilingual in English, Sinhala and Tamil
  • Student of St’ Thomas’ College, Mt’ Lavinia and Trinity College, Kandy
  • Excelles in Rugby, Shooting, Marshall Arts and Scuba Diving
  •  He is in the Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Sports Shooting Association of Sri Lanka
  • Has extensive knowledge of Roads, Locations, Beaches, Jungles and all   multicultural facets in Sri Lanka’s diverse population


Shanthini is a Dual National of Britain and Sri Lanka.  A Chartered Marketer with a MA in Marketing from Birmingham City University and PGDipM with CIM; experience in the Travel, Leisure, Asset Based Finance and Business Banking Sectors, Shanthini brings in a wealth of experience and expertise.  She also runs her own import/export company. She is versatile, focused and result orientated and has a positive attitude.

Awards & Achievements

  • Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Member, Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK – APSL
  • Member, Sri Lanka Cricket UK Dance Committee
  • Past President Bishop’s College PPA UK,  2009-2011
  • Making Change Work Licenced NLP Practitioner - Richard Bandler NLP Society, 2010

Career Summary

  • Marketing Director - Gravity Global Investments – UK (current)
  • Founder/MD - Coconut Miracle Ltd/UK
  • Business Banking - NAG, 2010 - 2012
  • Asset Based Lending - GE Business Finance, 2005-2010
  • Marketing Manager British Airways and Qantas, 1996-2002
  • Managing Director Lanka Loka Pvt Ltd -Distributor of Philips Lighting 1986-1992

Key Successes

GE Business Finance – Sir Mathew Pinsent Award for outstanding team spirit – 2007

  • GE Business Finance – Employee of the month – 2008
  • GE Business Finance – Award for healthy initiative
  • British Airways Award for Excellence – Silver Lining Charity Initiative – 1999/2000
  • British Airways Chain Reaction Award for Excellence for achieving revenue targets 1998/1999
  • Spearheaded oneworld Alliance in Sri Lanka - 2000
  • Hayleys Ltd  - Best Dealer Award  -  1990

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Our Product Range

  • Cut leaves
  • Outdoor plants
  • Cut flowers
  • Indoor plants

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Foreign Markets

Our export base is fairly spread out in terms of Geography.  On to the West the European nations of the United Kingdom, France, & the Netherlands are to name a few and the Middle Eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the U.A.E along with Japan and South Korea in the far-east. 

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Our Strengths

A key attribute of our long term success, is our focus on core competencies, and strengths. Tropical Foliage has been in business since 1980, with a proven track record. Adding to this is our team of dedicated professional with competent expertise and knowledge about foliage. All things considered we at Tropical Foliage are of the firm opinion that we are well positioned to take full advantage of new opportunities that may arise and establish our selves as a global player in the years to come. As nurseries are located close to the airport, our product quality and timely deliveries are assured. An important feature of the industry is the fact that transportation costs are a significant portion of the total costs and is directly proportional to the distance. In this aspect Sri Lanka enjoys a competitive edge over Thailand in terms of geographical proximity to the Middle East as well as the European markets.
The quality of our products is the result of decades of experience and innovative ideas. Since 1980 we have been aiming at top quality products and our success confirms this and we will make every effort to keep developing and enhancing our products and services.


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